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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Richmed Direct - The New Network Marketing company in town!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Best Networking Business in the Philippines

I heard of DLC Networking Business, DXN, Edmark Networking, FERN-C, First Quadrant, Winalite. Which is not on my list of Networking Business in the Philippines? Which is the best networking business in the Philippines?

Key For Networking Business Success

I want to share this article in networking business
Business Networking Skills - Five Social Skills Tips That Are Key For Networking Success
By Sue Clement Platinum Quality Author

Networking skills are an absolute must for people who wants to grow their business. And the key is the word "skills." Networking requires specific skills, and many of them are basically social skills. Read on for how you can improve your networking success by polishing your social skills.

Social skills help us connect with others, and that's what we need to do during networking. Some of them are mostly a matter of awareness and paying attention, while others take real practice. Either way, the more often you do something, the more it will become second nature. So make an effort to do the following five things regularly, and watch the results you'll get.

1. Remember to say "please" and especially "thank you."

Saying "please" and "thank you" may be so basic that you don't think it even falls under social skill but instead is common courtesy. Be that as it may, courtesy is so important that it deserves to be listed here, and it's a large part of what makes up good social skills.

2. Make proper eye contact

Making eye contact frequently and appropriately can make the difference between coming across as likable -- and not. Look at the person when you're speaking with him or her, but without staring, and pay close attention.

Even if you're one of those people who actually can pay attention when they seem to be preoccupied with other things, maintaining eye contact will be worth your while. Don't just pay attention, but make sure the other person knows that you're paying attention. And eye contact is the traditional way to show it.

3. Repeat the other person's name

In a conversation, be sure to repeat the other person's name. It will make them feel very much acknowledged. It will also help you remember their name. There are a lot of quotes about how much people love the sound of their own name. The thing is - it's true.

4. Support others

Whenever you find yourself talking with someone, pay close attention. That's true especially if that person is new and possibly a prospect, but it's common courtesy in any case. Listen with an open mind, and look for ways in which you can help him or her.

5. Repeat something they've said recently

When you've had a conversation with someone and talk to them again, repeat something they've said. Ask them about something specific to follow up. It shows them that you paid close attention, and they will appreciate that.

So social skills are a key part of what makes you achieve business success. Practice them regularly and watch how quickly you'll get new clients!

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How to succeed in networking business?

I want to share with you this article:

Power of Networking - How to Network Smarter, Not Harder
By Paul Y

You network so that you have a relationship in place whenever you need help. The helps from your network could be advice, information, recommendations, insight, and feedback. It is simply the process of building and maintaining that relationship. There are four steps to network smarter, not harder.

First, develop a winning mindset: It is about your interest and desire for sustained growth in your business or career. This leads you to understand the benefits of networking and importance of focusing on building relationships so that you can tap into them later if you need help. Your mindset is a guidance that helps you navigate through different situations that might come up in your networking.

Second, maximize your one-to-one interaction skills: It is a strong point where you have to handle the critical networking activities. You need to make sure that every time you have a face-to-face interaction, you have the skills to take full advantage of the opportunity. You have to introduce yourself with impact to attract the people you are looking for, knowing how to start the right relationships from the beginning, and understanding how to nurture the relationships over the long run.

Third, leverage platforms that expand your reach one-to-many: Build some visibility and build an online presence to get known more broadly and deeply. This is the way to grow network strands in multiple directions in both the real and virtual worlds. You can connect with more like-minded people across geographies and time zones and bring more opportunities to your doorstep 24/7.

Fourth, choose the right mix of activities: You choose the certain activities that you enjoy doing more because you know what your strengths are and they are a better fit for you.

You have learned how to have a powerful networking by developing a winning mindset, maximizing your one-to-one interaction skills, leveraging platforms that expand your reach one-to-many, and choosing the right mix of activities that you enjoy. Apply what you have learned here when you go to a conference in the future.
Paul Y

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